Month: September 2019

Leather material

seojkt   11 September, 2019

After a number of seasons where leather strikes the catwalk, designers are now exploring finer materials than suede, which is.. Read More

Ethnic impression will still be preferred for formal clothing

seojkt   10 September, 2019

Like in 2016, formal women’s fashion will still be loyal with an elegant ethnic style. Website Bandar Togel 313 Terpercaya.. Read More

Fashion Style of the 2000s Predicted by Fashion Designers of the 1930s

seojkt   10 September, 2019

Fashion trends keep rolling all the time. There are certain times when fashion trends will apply again. Like the world.. Read More

Apple body shape.

seojkt   9 September, 2019

Characteristic features * Large in the abdomen and hips caused by fat.Website Bandar Togel 313 Terpercaya , * As if.. Read More