Apple body shape.

fashion / 9 September, 2019

Apple body shape.

Characteristic features
* Large in the abdomen and hips caused by fat.Website Bandar Togel 313 Terpercaya ,

* As if similar to the shape of the apple and we look wide and fat.

* Beware girls … this body shape has a waist size equal to or larger than the hips.

* Must be careful in choosing clothes.

* Avoid wearing tight clothes, fat will be seen.

* Look for clothes that are somewhat loose to help close the waist.

* Choose a small style to cover up the shortcomings.

* Don’t use horizontal stripes.

* For fabric, look for soft material and for fabric …

* Avoid using accessories that are too much on the waist so that it does not look wider and fatter.

* Choose dark colors to give the impression of being slim.