Economic Branded Clothing for Winter Holidays

Fashion Winter Clothing / 16 September, 2019

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Economic Branded Clothing for Winter Holidays

Economic Branded Clothing for Winter Holidays QQIBS I used to go to a factory outlet in Bandung to find economical branded clothes for my vacation. Most important for a cold holiday. Not targeting the branded correctly. But more to better shape alteration. And the costs are far different from those found in the mall. Right now, I don’t need to shop far anymore because the Jakarta factory outlet center, has been found in Dive 2 Square. Weeks later, I went there for the first time.

Economical branded jacket and clothes for winter at Premier FO

Factory Outlet Center at Mempelam 2 Square

Dive 2 Square is the most trade mall concept shopping mall in Jakarta since 18 June 2015. So large that there are five-star hotels like Novotel, Ibis, Amaris and Neo in the mall area. The dictionary is on the Gunung Sahari Raya Path, Number. 1 Pademangan, North Jakarta. Dive 2 Square opens opportunities for business people and starts up to be able to have their own shop with a deed of ownership. Most important since there is a factory outlet center in the mall.

At the moment, Dive 2 Square has become the most complete economical branded clothes shopping destination in Jakarta. Especially since the opening of DSE Factory Outlets, Premier Factory Outlets, Chois FO, Amira Factory Outlets, Fifth Avenue, RAJA FO, Extraordinary Bazaars and Publicity Factory Outlets coincide on 15 February 2018.

The target of FO tourists is among hype millennials who like original economical branded clothes. Travelers who are looking for economical branded clothes for the holidays. And fashion fans who are looking for economical and popular branded clothing brands. Oh right, in fact many foreign tourists who are happy all economic branded objects in the FO too. The majority of them are staying at the inn.

Economical Branded Clothes Are Not Sure Cheap

For those who don’t know about factory outlets. FO is a place that sells the remaining branded items from the export quality industry. Coming from selling economical branded clothes, so far so many things have been added. Because the goods are from outside the country, that’s why many outlets sell cold equipment.

economical branded clothes at the center of Jakarta factory outlets

Economic branded robe that is not cheap

The quality of the Economic Branded Clothing for Winter Holidays material is as good as that sold at the mall. The model is always exploring the latest fashion trends. Only the amount of goods is limited. Which is rather the price. So no need to worry about easy stuff, which is certainly not the market. If you want to know FO in Jakarta, anywhere, you can read here, along with shopping guides at FO.

Premier FO and DSE FO in Dive 2 Square

Now in Dive 2 Square, FO which sells very Economic Branded Clothing for Winter Holidays complete cold weather equipment is Premier FO and DSE FO. There are also many anthologies of branded economical winter clothes. From the dimensions for children, children, young people to age. For holiday or casual needs every day is also complete.

Premier Factory Outlet is in position B1. Large shopping zone. So large that I can catwalk hehe. I really like shopping here because the model is worth my passion. The economic form of women’s branded clothes and their baby are good. Robe branded for men too much. Prices start from 30 thousand to 150 thousand. For women and children, I recommend shopping here.

Economical branded clothing at premiere

My choice of jacket on Premier FO. Isn’t that funny?

DSE Factory Outlet is located on the 2nd Floor. Economic Branded Clothing for Winter Holidays The area is almost 1. 000 m. Anthology in DSE is 2x the Premier. For men, I recommend shopping here. Winter Clothing Incredibly complete branded things from jackets, men’s office robes, workout clothes, jeans to the seaside robe. The big size dimension for men and women in DSE FO is also complete. Starting from XL size up to 5 XL.