Most Upcoming Fashin Trend

New Fashion / 1 May, 2020

Most Upcoming Fashin Trend

New Year 2019 is just counting the days guys! Surely you all have new hopes next year? Like hoping to change your appearance so that you can be as cool or contemporary as possible? For that, at least you have to know what fashion trends will hit in 2019 later. So that your appearance at the beginning of the year looks shaky and up to date.

Now in 2019 the fashion trend will definitely change! Some of them are new fashion styles that you have never met, and some others are old styles that are recycled so they look more contemporary. Some of the world’s leading designers have also predicted through several famous Fashion Week events around the world about some fashion trends that will boom in 2019. Well, what kind of infrastructure will the fashion trends hit in 2019? Just scroll down!

In 2019, world designers seem to want to show that what is impossible can happen. Like the combination of a blazer with tight shorts which has been referred to as bike shorts or bicycle shorts. Although this fashion style will not be suitable for exercise or for office use, this style is perfect if you are going to the mall or traveling to find instagramable places in the middle of the city. So, don’t be afraid to try, guys!

In 2019, leopard print is predicted to be a trend and boom. From various fashion items such as clothes, dresses, jackets, pants to skirts will be filled with leopard prints in various colors. Although impressed striking, but this is the bermain attraction of the following fashion styles. Your appearance will look bolder and wilder and even looks sexier. You also don’t need to be afraid to use this fashion item filled with leopard patterns to go for a walk or attend a formal or informal event.

Boiler suits are one tipe of jumpsuits, it’s just that these boiler suits look more masculine, with tops like shirts and bottoms of pants. Basically Boiler suits are suits for the jenis of work that is dirty, like a workshop. But as the development of the fashion world, this suit would become an attractive style for everyday use or for certain events. In 2019, Boiler suits will enliven the fashion market with a variety of charming models. You just need to choose the cut and color of the Boiler suits that suits you

Puff shoulders or clothing with the shoulder part that expands, is predicted to become a fashion trend in 2019. With Puff shoulders your appearance will certainly look glamorous but also vintage. The reason is Puff shoulders is one of the fashion trends that boomed in the 80s, but in 2019, Puff shoulders are given a mutakhir touch to make it look more attractive and fashionable to be used today.