The Method Ordering Malay Dress

Malay Dress / 1 October, 2019

The Method Ordering Malay Dress

The Method Ordering Malay Dress

The Method Ordering Malay Dress Do you always sort to buy jawi clothes that are available for sewing? Clothes are not worth the size of the body, not the kind you imagine? Buy and after that leave also take to the sewing shop for the “alter”.

Uish a lot of activities, oil again, era again right? What are the words for this year? You changed the option of buying ready made clothing to climb clothes from the tailor, always the name of the instruction made is blooming!

Want to order clothes, but not reti for buying ela cloth? Don’t know which type of fabric is worth it, how many m is the right cloth to buy? “, Admin of course this is among the questions and the characteristic questions that often play in your mind.

To make it easier for you to get comfortable clothes and to match your wishes, happy for the admin to share all the instructions for sorting cloth. LETS CHECK IT OUT!


For those of you who want a comfortable fabric but looking expensive, you can sort out the crepe fabric because it is thin and smooth.

Not only that, dull satin is also worth it because it is not a kind of ordinary satin fabric which is slippery and heavy rubbed and easily crunchy.

Satin is worth it for you who like to be a foothold because the fabric is slippery and shiny but it must be reminded that this fabric is easy to stick to the body when sweat.

Sorting out the right fabric and worth it is a means to ensure your comfort when using it later.


As is commonly known, prices are different for each type of fabric. Of course, quality fabric, slow strength, and more comfortable and cool, the cost would be more expensive compared to a more economical fabric.

But it is not wrong to sort out the economical fabric if you are smart in sorting and calculating certain qualities.

It is recommended for you to adam to sort out more comfortable fabrics and better quality because instead of always adam wearing jawi clothing is that correct?

Different with women, they can use clothes brackets every day including administrators or other places.

So this time for the Feasts, what is wrong with lending a little money to wear quality cloth and comfortable clothing.

Instead it can be back to make clothes on if the majesty of the other festivities.


The custom for the ela cloth dimensions is 4 m for each pair of jawi clothing. Suppose you are a little big in accordance with the purchase of close to 4 m half if for you who have a standard body or free size is more elegant to buy 4 m of ela cloth.

For the announcement, the dimensions of 4 m far have been good enough to create a pair of jawi clothes but like a careful stage of picket and to make it easier for the tailor to cut the fabric, it is better to overdo the fabric.

Nak, you prefer, you just question the cloth clippers in the fabric shop, God willing, they are wiser about how much fabric is needed or can also ask the tailor you want to climb.

At present, in Malaysia there are various types of fabrics that can be experienced, such as Jakel, Nagoya, Kamdar, Gulatis, Rawang silk and similar.


Want to order clothes but don’t know the trick? Easy only, there are 2 methods that can be used for you to prepare and climb clothes from this tailor.

Initially, you may go to the sewing shop to take the dimensions of the body by the tailor or second, you can also bring jawi clothes that are available like illustrations for the tailor to prepare your latest jawi clothing.

There are 2 general types of jawi clothing, which is, weasel stress and pot bay or eel bone.

Cekak weasel is worth commemorating Sampin and Songkok as well as making it to the official majlis, Hari Raya and various other festive majlis.

If the cove bay is for those who prefer a simpler outfit and the eel bone is similar to a kind of blanga bay, but the bezel is on the neck part of the suture used which is a type of eel bone.

At present there are many types of clothing for adam that are worthy of being celebrated in Aidilfitri, not only jawi clothes, Kurta and robes.